EVA The 12th Annual International Conference «EVA 2009 Moscow»
M.I.Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature
30 November - 2 December 2009
  Centre PIC Рус


European Commission

Ministry of Culture
of Russia

Centre on the Problems
of Informatisation
in the sphere of Culture

Library for Foreign Literature

Interregional Centre
for Library Cooperation

With the participation

Russian Branch of ICOMOS

Russian Branch of ICOM

Russian Library

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Opening of the Conference

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Plenary session. International Cooperation and Integration of Digital Cultural Resources

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Workshop. ATHENA, Access to cultural heritage networks across Europe

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Coffee break

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Multimedia Exhibition

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Art Literature Hall. Section 2. Information Space of a Museum

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Periodicals Hall. Section 5. ICT in cultural area. Regions of Russia

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Glass Hall. Section 3. Legal issues

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Conference "Information Resources and Technologies for Non-movable Heritage Preservation"

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Glass Hall. Section 4. Theoretical Issues

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Section 6. Education for Culture - Culture for Education


Festival "Content" Award, Marble Hall

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Students` EVA Summing-up

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The 3d Open Coordination Meeting

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Closing Session

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