Worshop leader – James Hemsley, National Museum of Scotland

December, 5, 2003, 9.30 – 11.40

The State Tretyakov Gallery, Conference hall

This workshop aims firstly at introducing a set of EC projects focussed on Archaeology and their extension to History and other related fields.The intention is to enable participants to become familiar with these projects so that they can consider developing relationships with those of particular interest to them as well as enabling them to use this information for their own R&D planning.In addition it is hoped that participants will present their current and desired R&D projects so that this information can be made available to the ARCH IT projects annd their consortium leaders.The EŃ projects are ORION, SCULPTEUR 3D MURALE, ARCHAEOGUIDE and ARCO, all funded under the Fifth Framework Programme with two still running and three in post project follow-on activities.

The workshop will also consider the implications of the projects seen as a set and the opportunities for future EC Funding in these areas and benefiting from Research Roadmap planning work in the 3D area in particular.

The workshop is intended for people with a good capability in English.There will be a maximum of 10 participants.